KOZ Tax-Free

new-koz-logoHayden Tower at the Markle Building is the first renovation project in the state of Pennsylvania that utilizes the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's KOZ program as it was originally intended – by redeveloping an urban area through the revitalization of a vacant building.

The KOZ status means the following pertains to any businesses or tenants that locate within the Hayden Tower at the Markle Building.

  • The city, county, and school district have all suspended taxes for those who meet the KOZ (and KOEZ) program criteria.
  • The City of Hazleton's Mercantile tax is lifted for existing city businesses that relocate to the Markle Building!
  • Real Property Tax in the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone is exempt in accordance with the provisions and limitations hereinafter set forth within the boundaries of the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone, in accordance with the Act for a period commencing January 1, 2001, and ending December 31, 2013;
  • The exemption shall be 100% of the real property taxation on the assessed evaluation of property within the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone;
  • Luzerne County waives business gross receipts tax for operations conducted by a qualified business; earned income received by a resident and/or net profits of a qualified business received by a resident or nonresident of the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone attributable to business activity conducted within the Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zone.