Overview - Citiscape

citiscapeThe City of Hazleton is reflecting a growing trend that has been gaining momentum in cities all over the country. Communities are rediscovering their downtowns. People are realizing there is something special about the energy created by a re-invigorated urban center.

The newest outlook for the future comes from the Hazleton Development Company, Inc. in the form of Citiscape, an office/retail complex adjoining the west side of the Hayden Tower at the Markle.

An important aspect of many urban renovation projects is the effort to preserve the rich architectural history of America’s cities. This includes the redevelopment and revitalization of classic buildings.

As the City of Hazleton moves determinedly into its own era of rebirth, it, too, is looking to draw from tradition and meld its proud past with the bright expectations for its future. A cornerstone of this bold push forward is the Hayden Tower at the Markle, with the adjoining Citiscape complex offering additional retail/office frontage along Broad Street (State Route 93).